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Founded  January 22, 1995 Kanto Region, Japan

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What is a "Katch" ?

In the tradition of "Live" Hare runs, the Katch always has at least one Live Hare.  This Hare who is picked at random, using the "Fishing Net" technique then sets off with a bag of Hash, a map, and sometimes a compass.  The hare is given a 10 minute head start and then the pack follows.

What happens if the hare is "Katched"?

If the hare is snared, the snarer is then the Hare and is given a 5 minute head start.   Then the pack sets off again. N.B. You must touch the Hare, if you don't a snare has not occurred.

How long does the Hash Last?

The hash last about 1 Hour.  At about 45 minutes the hare should be heading back.   The pack can make this decision as well.  Cases where the hare was quite far and lost have recorded instances for members finishing by Taxi.

When do you Hash?

Katchs are scheduled at least one Sunday or on a Japanese Holiday Per Month. They are scheduled not to conflict with the Rising Moon run, and always start at 11 AM.

On On's ?

There is always an On On and there are usually 100% Down Down's (Everyone gets 1).  Events of 600% Down Down's have been recorded.

Toshiyuki "Ban Cock" Ichimura
Grandmaster Emiritus
Jonathan "Suntory Rode" Bradley - Gone to U.K. 2/1/98

 "Hey Kanojo"

Hash Cash
"Saddle Tramp"


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