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Grand Moonie:
"Snow White"
Andrew Sheppard RIBA
Tel & Fax: (h) (03) 3379-8915

Vice Chief:
"The Doc"
Fred Shane M.D.
Tel: (03) 3582-2646
Fax: (03) 3583-8199

Religious Adviser:

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The Rising Moon Hash runs on the Sunday nearest the full moon, usually at 3 PM. Runs can be live or pre-set, and may be a little further from the center of Tokyo than the weekday hashes. A->B and overnight hashes are not uncommon.

The founder, now in FRANCE, sends his approval of these pages provided we recall his starting the Rising Moon HHH in 1992. Flames to the founder:

Francis Turner, " "Dirty Dingus"

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