tokyofootsmall.jpg (3932 bytes)The Tokyo Hash House Harriers

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Grand Master

Chris "Crusader" Lewis

Religious Advisor/Web Master

Andrew "Snow White" Sheppard

Joint Master/Hasherdasher

Michael "Shit on my Face" Faas

Joint Master/Web Master

PierreMicro Soft” Gaboury

Joint Master

Kaori “Khuming Rouge” Suzuki

Joint Master

Yukie “Jelly Mouth” Saito

Joint Master

Bert “Bladder Blow” Linsay

Joint Master

Hiromi “Pee Wee” Suzuki

Hare Razor/Hash Flash

Hidetaka “Master Shafter” Hiwatashi 

Spider Man/Web Master

Hey Kanojo 

JM/Hash Cash

Hiroko "Cummin-Round-The-Corner" Shirasaki 

Hash Ayatollah

Rassel "The Mulla" Kiarashi

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Tokyo HHH meets on Mondays at 7:15 PM:
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