Tokyo Hash House HarriersTokyo Hash House Harriers
The Hash House Harriers is an international group of non-competitive running social clubs. An event organized by a club is known as a hash, hash run or simply hashing, with participants calling themselves hashers or hares and hounds.

This Hash runs once a week, starting near a train station in the central area of Tokyo. The trails are usually pre-laid, A to A, 6 to 8 km. The pack starts running at 19:15 (except perhaps on public holidays) so please arrive by 19:00 if possible. Hash Cash (1,000 yen for men, 500 yen for women; possibly more for special events) covers the run, a beer (water/sport drink too), and maybe something to snack on with your beverage.

After the run, there is an optional 'On-On party' usually 3,000 yen at a restaurant the hare has pre-scouted for food and nomi-hodai (all-you-can drink). After the meal, we conduct circle and recongize all those who earned it.

As with all hashes in Tokyo, follow the trail of arrows from the train station exit to the start. Arrows will be marked with the hash abbreviation (like 'TH3'). During the run, at least one hare or co-hare will stay at the start/finish to take care of bags, etc. but hashers should make their valuables secure or carry them on trail.

Grand Master

Chris "Crusader" Lewis

Religious Advisor

Andrew "Snow White" Sheppard

Joint Master/Hasherdasher

Michael "Shit on my Face" Faas

Joint Master

Kaoru "Khuming Rouge" Suzuki

Joint Master

Yukie "Jelly Mouth" Saito

Joint Master

Bert "Bladder Blow" Linsay

Joint Master

Hiromi "Pee Wee" Suzuki

Joint Master/Hare Razor/Hash Flash

Hidetaka "Master Shafter" Hiwatashi

Joint Master/Web Geek

Jose "World Wide Whore" Ramos

Hash Cash

Hiroko "Cummin-Round-The-Corner" Shirasaki

Hash Ayatollah

Rassel "The Mulla" Shirasaki