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Day Date Time Hash Run Location & Train Line Hare
Mon10/3119:15TH32084Roppongi (Hibiya & Oedo lines) Exit #5 On-on: Chicken Man!!!Master Shafter
Thu11/0315:00T3H4Fuchu (Keio line) North ExitKhuming Rouge
Mon11/0719:15TH32085TBAHare Needed !!!
Sun11/1314:00RMH3299Myogadani (Marunouchi line) follow arrows to Kyoikuno-mori Koen - Joint Run with Sumo HHH !!!Khuming Rouge
Mon11/1419:15TH32086TBAHare Needed !!!
Mon11/2119:15TH32087Otsuka (JR Yamanote line)Khuming Rouge
Mon11/2819:15TH32088TBA -Hare Needed !!!
Mon12/0519:15TH32089TBAHare Needed !!!
Sun12/1115:00RMH3300TBAVolunteer Needed!!!
Mon12/1219:15TH32090TBAHare Needed !!!
Mon12/1919:15TH32091TBAHare Needed !!!
Mon12/2619:15TH32092TBAHare Needed !!!
Mon01/0215:00TH32093Bubaigawara (Keio line)Khuming Rouge
Mon01/0915:00TH32094TBAHare Needed !!!
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