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Day Date Time Hash Run Location & Train Line Hare
Mon06/2719:15TH32066Nakameguro (Toyoko & Hibiya lines)Master Shafter
Mon07/0419:15TH32067 Togoshi-koen station (Tokyu Oimachi line) - Fourth of July Run -Niku Doko
Mon07/1119:15TH32068Oimachi (JR Keihin Tohoku line)Miss Piggy
Sun07/1715:00RMH3295Somewhere close to Denenchofu or Tamagawa (Toyoko Line & Meguro Line) - details to follow On-On (BBQ?) Party: Bring something to drink or to eat plus ¥1,000 party fee.Aneha & Sex Dodger
Mon07/1812:15TH32069Chigasaki (JR Tokaido & Sagami lines) South exit (run start 12:25) - Wedding Celebration Hash - On-on: Mokichi Trattoria (Places limited - 6,000yen ticket in advance - ask Master Shafter)Dew Drop & Gunk Hole
Mon07/2519:15TH32070Ikebukuro (JR Yamanote & subway lines) Tobu-minami exitKhuming Rouge
Mon08/0119:15TH32071Honancho (Marunouchi line) On-on: BBQThe Bladder Blow & Master Shafter
Mon08/0819:15TH32072TBA - Birthday Run -Second Hand Job & Spud Poker
Sun08/2114:00RMH3296TBA Tokyo Olympic Hash Run #1 < Joint run with Sumo HHH > < Rio Olympics 2016 closing ceremony & hand-over of the Olympic flame to Tokyo !!! >Snow White
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