Sunday, July 02, 2017 at 11:00 am
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PreLube on the Blue Danube
– July 2-5, 2017 –

EuroHash 2017 PreLube – Blue Danube Hash Cruise
4 Days – 3 Countries

EUROHASH 2017 PreLube Blue Danube Hash Cruise through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary

Infos – Sightseeing – Highlights
You have probably never been to Bratislava/ Slovakia

AB’s Blue Danube Hash Cruise 2017
The longest river in the European Union, the Danube River is the second-longest river in Europe after Russia’s Volga. It begins in the Black Forest region of Germany and runs through 10 countries (Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova and Ukraine) on its way to the Black Sea. Much older than the Rhine, its basin is thought to have been the site of some of the earliest human cultures, and it remains one of Europe’s most important and historic waterways and a popular river cruise destination.

Flowing through 10 countries, the Danube is the heart and soul of Central Europe. Countless cultures and civilizations have used it as a trade route and economic artery. Armies have been stopped at its banks. Its boundaries marked the edge of the Roman Empire, and its bridges have linked nations. It has inspired vintners to create prized wines, composers to write enduring music and hashers to lay adventurous trails.

Our EuroHash 2017 Pre-Lube starts in Vienna
Then, board your ship and begin exploring the natural beauty of Austria. Enjoy the serene atmosphere as you glide along the river, passing quaint villages and scenic beauty. Chilling, chatting and drinking with your hash bodies on our ship, since most drinks are included and enjoy guided sightseeing in Slovakia’s vibrant capital of Bratislava. Our hash journey includes one overnight stay in Bratislava, another stop in a medieval Slovakian village and our last night in exciting Budapest, including guided sightseeing and time to explore on your own. Enjoy Hungarian cuisine and hashing with the local hash kennel.

Slovakia is Europe’s best kept secret and Bratislava is attractive and dynamic town. Though it’s a conveniently located, fast-growing destination, you will still find Bratislava/ Slovakia have not become overcrowded and commercialized, and one that still prides itself on genuine authenticity and openhearted hospitality. It’s a compact and friendly city – Bratislava’s Old Town is extraordinarily “user friendly”. Its Central European charm, lively but laid-back atmosphere, compact size and dozens of outdoor cafés and restaurants make it an ideal destination for weekend getaways.

Bratislava’s history – In more than 2,000 years of history, Bratislava came under Celtic, Roman, Germanic and Slavic rule, and for more than two centuries it was Hungary’s royal capital and coronation site. All these influences – and more – have left their mark on the modern Slovak capital. Communist rule also changed the face of the city, and today Baroque architecture rubs elbows with the sometimes jarring relics of the post-World War II Communist era.

Gastronomy – The local gastronomic tradition is a cosmopolitan blend of Slovak, Hungarian, Moravian and Viennese cuisines, and Slovak wines can be excellent. The Old Town boasts a growing number of top-quality restaurants serving international and local cuisine. In the summer, cafés bars and restaurants spill out into the streets and squares.

2 JULY 2017

After our wonderful boat cruise from Vienna to Bratislava we will go to our hotel, in walking distance from the pier on the Danube.

Time to discover Bratislava on a hash run… Who want’s to lay a trail?�After hash & circle we will have dinner in a nice and typical Slovakian restaurant. More beer and wine waiting for you.

3 JULY 2017

The region and its sights are accessible all year round. At certain times of the year, there are fairs and other events promoting wine production – for example, a wine fair in April, grape harvest festivals in September and Days of Open Wine Cellars in November.

The Small Carpathian Wine Trail tour offers a genuine possibility to enjoy the Slovak countryside outside of Bratislava. The landscape is a perfect blend of vineyards – cultivated for centuries on the southern slopes of the Small Carpathians – and small historic towns with typical wine-country houses.

CERVENÝ KAMEN CASTLE – Cervený Kamen [Red Stone] Castle is located above the village Píla some 30 kilometres northeast of Bratislava. This massive military stronghold was originally constructed as a part of a defensive castle chain spreading along the Small Carpathians that guarded the borders of the medieval Hungarian Kingdom. The current appearance of the castle is a result of radical Renaissance reconstruction in the wake of the Turkish military threat in the 16th-17th centuries. In recent decades the castle underwent a lengthy restoration process, which resulted in its opening to the public in 1992. Rich collections of historical furniture from Pálffy estates, memorabilia from the anti-Ottoman wars and other items illustrate the lifestyle of the nobility in this part of Europe. A beautiful forested landscape and a nearby a falconer’s station, which presents summer shows, make this castle one of most popular tourist attractions in the region.

After lunch time we will board our ship again and continue direction Hungary.

4 JULY 2017
Crossing border to Hungary today and arriving before lunch in Budapest. We will diretly check-in at our hotel and start our sightseeing.
In the evening we plan to meet up with the local hash chapter either for a run or pub crawl followed by typical dinner. – Party time in Budapest!

5 JULY 2017
Breakfast at our hotel. Than freetime for some last minute souvenir shopping or more sightseeing. Lunchtime we will be picked up for the airport.

(We will have a special rate for approx. 100€ per person Budapest – Vienna)

More details and more frequent updates on our Facebook site and group.

4 day river cruise (hotel accommodation in twin/double beds) – all meals on the ship (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

(Beer, Wine white/red/rose, Softdrinks, Mineral Water) – Hash Runs – Goody Bag including Hash Cruise Shirt

until 31. December 2016
ONLY 999 Euro p. person

1.099 Euro p. Person